Commitment to the resistance welding industry pushes Dahching to continue driving R&D, improving quality and refining after-sales services
2011 Construction began on the second factory soon to be opened
2009 Three Phase Inverter DC Transformer successfully developed
Three Phase Inverter DC Welding Machine successfully launched
2008 Successfully developed the Grating Welding Machine and began marketing operations
2007 Began research and development on Three Phase Inverter DC Transformers
2004 Developed a complete assembly line for Toshiba’s rotary compressor manufacturing for outer shell welding Customized fully automatic machines developed for the welding of Toshiba compressor piston rod and silencer 
2002 Combined Seam Welding with the Three Phase Rectified DC Current Output Solution
2001 Relocated to current factory in Tainan
1997 First product marketed to the USA
1995 Successfully developed and launched Capacitor Discharge DC Current Output Solution (widely applied in the multi-embossment welding process)

Designed and developed Three Phase Rectified DC Current Output Solution (The Three Phase Inverter DC was developed 15 years later based on this design)

Successfully designed and developed customized welding machines for automobile oil filters (both auto and semi auto machine types)
Tainan factory refurbished and extended
1989 Patented special Seam Welding Housing design and developed complete assembly line for stainless steel water tank
1987 Attended first International Exhibition in Philippines and established Taipei office

Became Taiwan agent  for  leading Japanese brand Miyachi’s resistance welding controllers and checkers
1984 Attended first exhibition in Taipei
1983 Established factory in Tainan

First foreign sales with exports to Thailand. Began marketing into South East Asia
1979 Founded in Banciao, Taipei, comprised of a small office and workshop