Brake Shoe Welding Machine

│ Automobile and Motorcycle Industry
Dahching offers 3 types of machines for welding brake shoes; Manual, Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic brake shoe welding machines. Manual machines requires operator to load both rim and web while the welding machine will perform welding on every angle set on touch panel and discharge the welded brake shoe. Semi Automatic machine requires operator to load the web only, while the rim will be fed automatically. The weld performs to further save labour, Dahching also forward integrated the coining process into the welding machine for Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic Welding machines. No labour manipulation required to handle the welded brake shoe to the coining machine nor operate the coining machine. Welded brake shoes are transferred automatically to the coining machine for coining process.
Labour reduced while cycle time
1. Innovative Operation to save labor and increase efficiency.
2. Three Phase Inverter DC available to augment energy savings.
brake shoe welding machines product image model DMS-200~300-BRK product image model DM-100~400-BRK product image