Electrical Components

Contact Welding

To weld contacts to the Industrial Switchgears. The contacts are silver alloy in block forms or coil form.
Contacts are welded through Resistance Welding or Resistance Brazing to weld contacts to the switchgear components, 
The welding speed range between 12 pcs per min to 70~80pcs per min. Contact welding function integrated into the stamping/bending line is also available.



Join sheet metal by electric current to form weld nuggets through dome shaped electrodes
Current passing through Dome shaped electrode to two or multiple sheet metal components together
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Auto Assembly and Welding machine

Contact Welding

  • Welding silver contacts to the busbars or electrical components.
  • Silver alloy contacts used on this machine are ready-cut
  • Machine cycle time around 12pcs to 15pcs per min. 




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