Custom Engineering

New, Upgrade, Retrofit or "Let us weld for you"

Dahching team offers custom engineering services which includes design and engineered machine solutions, upgrading of existing welding machines and / or refurbishing of existing resistance welding machines to extend its service life. Welding services are also available upon request.

Design and engineered
machine solutions

Upgrading of existing /
extend its service life

Welding services are
available upon request

New Machine Design and Engineered Solutions

Standard resistance welding machines are not capable of fulfilling the rising demand for efficient, high quality, low cost production and complex manufacturing solutions.

Design, manufacturing and implementing custom equipment to weld and assemble the part automatically or use "auto transfer" to combine welding /assembly station has become one of top expertise of Dahching.

To cope with new materials requested from the OEMs, Dahching designs, manufactures, develops the machine and recommends weld parameter for our customers.

Upgrading or Retrofitting
Existing Machines

Dahching offers upgrading services to the existing welding machine with new and updated technologies while cost saving on recycling existing machine frame as well as tooling and fixtures.

For instance, upgrading the existing machine to an energy saving model or to incorporate industrial 4.0 supported technology are what we do mostly these days.

Upgrading services is also a good solution when you discover that the parts on your older machines are no longer available.

Machine Retrofitting and

Machine Retrofitting and refurbishment is similar to having a new machine with upgraded technology while utilizing the existing mechanical parts available.

Dahching offers retrofitting and refurbishment on all resistance welding machines.

Instead of procuring a welding machine for the job,
Dahching offers the welding service.

Let us weld for you